15.00-19.00 MSK (14.00-18.00 CEST) Forum with the participation of
UNESCO, the Club of Rome and the World Academy of Art and Science:
“Global Transformations and Civilization Prospects”

Session 1. 75 years of UNESCO – “Laboratory of ideas to solve global problems
for the future of humanity”

Moderator(s): John Crowley (UNESCO), Yuri N. Sayamov (Lomonosov Moscow
State University)

Session 2. 60 years of WASS. Global leadership in the 21st century through ideas
that lead to the implementation of “Social Transformation Strategy”

Moderator(s): Garry Jacobs (WAAS), Alexander T. Gasparishvilli (Lomonosov
Moscow State University)

Session 3. 50 years of the Club of Rome. “Emerging from emergency” – new
destinies of the civilization

Moderator(s): Mamphela Ramphele (the Club of Rome), Alexander N. Chumakov
(Lomonosov Moscow State University)