"Actual problems of global research:

Russia in a globalizing


On June 4, 2019, the VI all-Russian scientific conference with international participation "Actual problems of global research: Russia in a globalizing world"began at the Lomonosov Moscow state University at the faculty of global processes. During the opening ceremony, the Dean of the Moscow state University, Professor Ilya Ilyin, made an introductory speech. The rector of the University of Urbino, Professor Wilberto Stokki also welcomed the participants.


At the opening of the conference, Dr. John Crowley, head of the UNESCO BRIDGE programme and head of the ethics Section of science and technology in the UNESCO social and human Sciences Sector, was awarded the Vernadsky medal. Also, the Director General of the world Academy of arts and Sciences, a member of the club of Rome, Professor Harry Jacobs was accepted as a full member of the International Academy of global studies (MAGI). The diploma of the academician of the MAGES was awarded Professor of the Academy of public administration under the President of Azerbaijan Republic Fuad teyub Oglu Mammadov, the founder of culturological science in Azerbaijan.


This year's conference was devoted to Russia, its place, role and prospects of development in the global world. More than 210 scientists, researchers, teachers, students and postgraduates, whose research interests relate to global research and international relations, took part in the plenary session and in 6 different sections of the conference. More than 100 of them visited the 3rd UNESCO school" BRIDGE": "Social transformations and sustainable development Goals (sdgs)".


The conference "Actual problems of global research" began on the eve of the Scientific and practical Forum "Russia in the XXI century: global challenges, risks and solutions", in which MSU also took an active part together with the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main platform of the Forum began work on June 5. Many participants of the conference spoke at the Forum held by RAS, MSU and the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation. Greeting to the forum was sent by the rector of MSU, President of the Eurasian Association of universities, Russian Union of rectors, academician V. A. Sadovnichy. The forum was dedicated to the legacy of the outstanding Soviet and Russian scientist academician N. N. Moiseev.


On June 6, the organizational meeting of the Russian society for global studies, which is created at the initiative of the faculty of global processes of MSU, was held. The society unites almost 50 regions of our country. Its goal is to develop and promote in Russia and internationally knowledge about global social and socio-natural processes and their regional manifestations to improve the level of scientific support for all aspects of life in the Russian Federation and optimize their management. Also important is the consolidation of the Russian scientific, pedagogical, scientific and practical community engaged in global research, the study of forecasting and strategic planning in the development of ideas of outstanding Russian scientists, including M. V. Lomonosov, V. I. Vernadsky, N. N. Moiseev.


The following key decisions were made at the meeting:


1.    Offer to become President of REGIS V. A. Sadovnichy, Viktor Antonovich agreed

2.    To elect the Presidium of REGIS - Ilyin I. V. (Moscow), I. F. kefeli , (Saint Petersburg), Starostina M. A. (Rostov-on-don), Liseev I. K. (Moscow), A. N. Chumakov. (Moscow), L. E. Grinin (Volgograd), Ilina N. And. (Moscow), Ursula A. D. (Moscow), Grachev V. A. (Moscow).

3.    To Elect The Chairman Of Presidium-Ilyin I. V.

4.    To elect the Executive Directorate in the number Beluga S. E., R. R. Gabdullin, A. V. Goliney

5.    To elect the Executive Director - R. R. Gabdullin

6.    To elect Executive Secretary - Goliney V. A.

7.    To elect Auditor REGIS - Aleshkovsky I. A.

8.    To be based on existing project Charter ROGIS with the introduction of the proposals voiced at the Meeting.


Main proposals for the Company's work:


1. Use of the site https://www.globalistika.ru/ as the main platform ROGIS. Creation of a separate section on current events in the society.

2. Creation of a unified register of conferences and events in the regions. The publication of this list on the website https://www.globalistika.ru/ with the aim of familiarizing the members with the upcoming events in advance for possible participation.

3. Creation of a General list of publishing activities in the regions (possible journals of regional offices in which the company's participants can be printed). The publication of this list in the "Logs" section on the website https://www.globalistika.ru/ .

4. The proposal to establish and conduct quarterly/yearly newsletter on the activities of REGIS. The publication of this newsletter on the website https://www.globalistika.ru/ .

5. Coordination of activities at the interregional level through participation in conferences of neighboring regions. Proposal to hold meetings of ROGIS in different regions of the Russian Federation in order to "introduce" the participants and the Executive Directorate to the regions.

6. Possible creation of training programs at the level of bachelor's / master's studies, postgraduate training programs using existing training modules of the faculty of global processes.

7. Possible cooperation in the creation of research centers through UNESCO network Departments.

8. Possible cooperation within the framework of scientific and educational consortia "Vernadsky".

9. Discussion of symbols of the society (waiting for proposals), certificates of members of the society.

10. Revision of the Charter of the Company.


Author: Executive Secretary of ROGIS,


Vladimir Goliney