BESTUZHEV-LADA, Igor Vasil’evich (b. January 12, 1927) – Professor of historical sciences; employee of a number of humanitarian institutions of the Russian Academy of Science (history, international labor movement, specific social studies, sociology); professor in the Sociology Faculty at Lomonosov Moscow State University; academician of public organizations (Russian Academy of Education, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences); Honorary President of the International Academy for Future Studies. Bestuzhev-Lada is one of the founders, together with E.A. Arab-Ogly and others, of the Soviet school of prognostics (futurology), whose representatives tried within a monistic (Marxist) ideology to analyze the prospects of mod- ern civilization.

He continues to defend the thesis, according to which social forecasting, based on modern technology, not only creates a scientific basis for identifying the main trends of national and global development, but also allows us to offer adequate ways to overcome the potential (and actual) “challenges” that threaten the positive development of civilization. From the 1990s Bestuzhev-Lada has worked to develop possible scenarios for Russian speakers. He links positive prospects for national and global development with access to “alternative civilization.”

Works: Normative Social Forecasting: The Possible Ways of Achieving the Goals of Society. Experience of Systematization (Moscow, 1987); Technology of Forecasting Developments of Social Processes (Moscow, 1992); Russia on the Eve of the xxi Century, 1904–2004. From Colossus to the Collapse and Back (Moscow, 1997); Alternative Civilization. The Only Salvation for Humanity (Moscow, 2003); Committing Suicide. Futurist Notes about the Past and Incoming (Moscow, 2004).