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Theme 3


Consideration of the main philosophical problems in training courses usually begins with ontology, a special area of philosophical knowledge, which examines a wide range of issues related to the problems of being and nonexistence, existence and non-existence, and also reveals the essence of everything that has this quality, i.e. quality to be , to exist .


Theme 6

Social philosophy

Society is the most complex of all systems known in science, and its study is accompanied by significant difficulties. Social life is quite dynamic, each nation has its own special and unique history.


Theme 1

Philosophy: its subject and role in society

Almost every person who first begins to study philosophy, one way or another already knows something or at least heard about it, because even in everyday life, people often come across this widespread concept.


Theme 4

Gnoseology and methodology of scientific knowledge

Gnoseology is the science of knowledge (from lat. Gnosis - knowledge, logos - teaching). In the theory of knowledge, the main attention is paid to the problem of cognizability of the world, the question of the boundaries of our knowledge, methods of obtaining it and criteria of reliability.


Theme 7

Axiology, Ethics

Axiology is a special branch of philosophy, the subject of which is values (from Greek axios - values, logos - knowledge: the science of values). Values are of great philosophical importance. The concept of values reveals a special aspect of human relations to the world.

Theme 2

Historical and philosophical introduction: the philosophy of the ancient world

The emergence of philosophical traditions is associated with a special period in the development of world history (VIII-V centuries BC), when from ancient China and ancient India to ancient Europe and North Africa dramatic changes took place in public life and people's minds.


Theme 5

Anthropology: the science of man

In the history of philosophy it is practically impossible to find a philosopher, and even more so a philosophical school or direction that would not appeal to a person, to direct or indirect analysis of various aspects of his material and spiritual being.


Theme 8


World changes have brought people new concerns arising from the internationalization of public life.