Girusov Eduard Vladimirovich

(July 26, 1932 - May 26, 2019)

The philosophical and scientific community of Russia suffered a great, irreparable loss. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor E.V. Girusov is one of the most striking, deep thinkers of Russian philosophy, the founder of a new scientific discipline - social ecology, the founder and the first President of the Ecological Fund of the USSR, one of the founders of the Russian Ecological Academy and for many years Vice President of the Presidium and chairman of the Social Ecology section of this academy. As a member of the Presidium of the Philosophical Society of the USSR, and then for many years acting as Chairman of the Audit Commission of the Russian Philosophical Society, Eduard Vladimirovich made a great contribution to the development and popularization of Russian philosophy.


Born in Leningrad, graduating from the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University in 1955 and graduate school of the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1961, he devoted his entire conscious life to serving philosophy, developing and promoting the ideas of a philosophical analysis of the interaction of society and nature. His innovative works: “The main historical stages of the interaction of society and nature” (“Nature and society”. M., “Science”, 1968) and “System“ society - nature ”” (Moscow: Moscow University Press, 1976) were essentially the first theoretical works of the highest level in the field of philosophy of nature and society and became the fundamental sources for a generation of scientists at the stage of the emergence and formation of social ecology.


Eduard Vladimirovich possessed outstanding oratorical and organizational abilities. It is hard to imagine, but it was just that - almost all scientific conferences of the All-Union and Russian level on the problems of the interaction of nature and society, starting from the 1960s, took place with his most direct and active organizational and scientific participation. His bright and emotionally colored speeches literally sparked the audience, leaving no one indifferent.


24 years old E.V. Girusov was the head of the Department of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now RAS), preparing and introducing young scientists of the Academy of Sciences to philosophy and ecology. His lectures invariably enjoyed great success, gathering large audiences and replenishing the ranks of graduate students and followers of this extraordinary scientist. Colleagues, graduate students and students appreciated the goodwill, humanity and sense of humor of Eduard Vladimirovich, paying tribute to his high professionalism. His whole life's business was the struggle to preserve the environment and public welfare, which was undoubtedly the dominant feature of the life and work of this wonderful person.


We deeply grieve and express our sincere condolences to the family and relatives of Eduard Vladimirovich Girusov.

A.N. Chumakov, I.V. Ilyin, I.K. Ursul, A.D. Liseev, N.M. Mamedov, A.D. Korolev, I.A. Aleshkovsky, V.P. Veryaskina, A.I. Andreev, etc.