(24.12.1928– 18.04.2003)

GVISHIANI, Jermaine Mikhailovich (b. December 24, 1928; d. April 18, 2003) – Soviet (Russian) scientist, Academician of USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1979), specialist in the field of management, statesman, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the USSR (1965–85).


Gvishiani was one of the first representatives of the USSR (Russia) in the Club of Rome. he was organizer and first director (since 1977) of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for System Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and SCST USSR (now the Institute for Systems Analysis). He was leader of the author group (V.A. Gelovani, S.V. Dubovsky, N.I. Lapin, etc.) that developed alternatives to the Club of Rome (Limits to Growth, 1972) and a computer model of global development (1980–2000). He was co-founder (Chairman of the Board 1972–87) of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (1972, Austria), which is associated with a wide range of global development issues.

Works: Sociology of Business (Moscow, 1962); The Social Role of Science and Science Policy (Moscow, 1968); Organization and Management (Moscow, 1970, 1998, in Russian); The Club of Rome. History of Creation, selected reports and speeches, official materials; comp. D.M. Gvishiani and others (Moscow, 1997, in Russian); Bridges to the Future (Moscow, 2004, in Russian); Selected Works on Philosophy, Sociology and Systems Analysis (Moscow, 2007, in Russian).