Horasis Global Meeting
6-9 April 2019, Cascais, Portugal
«Catalyzing the Benefits of Globalization»


The Horasis Annual Global Meeting is one of the world's leading gatherings of business and government leaders, offering the ideal platform for exploring and developing collaboration, investment impact and sustainable growth worldwide.

As in previous years, the Global Meeting brought together more than 800 world leaders from more than 70 countries to discuss the current outrage by globalization, focusing discussions on “Catalyzing the Benefits of Globalization”.

In the work of the Global Meeting “Horasis” (2019), Dr. Sc., Professor of the Faculty of Global Processes of Moscow State University Alexander Nikolaevich Chumakov took part:

“... Alexander N. Chumakov, First Vice-President, Russian Philosophical Society, Russia, noted that the word Globalization gained contemporary significance only after World War II. We should look to Globalization has a continuous process that had several landmarks and examples: the 15th century’s geographical discoveries (economical impact); 15th century Tordesillhas Treaty (political impact); 16-17th centuries colonization of Americas with the implementation of the languages brought by the English, Spanish and Portuguese colonial powers (cultural impact). Afterwards, there were only fundamental Globalization steps such as the launching of the Sputnik (1957), the Personal Computer (1981) and the Internet (1991) ... "

March 28-31, 2020, Horasis will host the Global Meeting. The 2020 global meeting will take place at a historic moment when the world is faced with existential conflicts and a lack of leadership. Present delegates will be prepared to discuss potential solutions and propose ways that will lead to sustainable leadership at global and local levels.