Meet the Russian and Soviet 


V. I. Vernadsky with his son, wife, daughter and P.E. Staritsky.

Poltava, Ukraine, 1910.



Vernadsky Vladimir Ivanovich

Russian scientist-encyclopedist; the creator of new scientific disciplines and directions, the doctrine of the biosphere and noosphere, the largest organizer and historian of science, an original philosopher and thinker, whose ideas, due to their heuristic nature, continue to determine the development of not only global studies, but also many areas of modern science.



Frolov Ivan Timofeevich

Soviet and Russian philosopher, politician, organizer of domestic research and development in the field of global problems of our time, one of the founders of a new scientific direction - global studies.



Zagladin Vadim Valentinovich

Soviet and Russian politician, one of the founders and initiators, together with I.T. Frolov, of domestic developments in the field of global problems of our time, one of the authors of the theory and strategy of “new political thinking”.



Reimers Nikolai Fedorovich

Russian ecologist, encyclopedic scientist, doctor of biological sciences, professor of Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, an active participant in the formation of conservation in the USSR. One of the first to try to assemble and combine, based on the ideas of V.I. Vernadsky, the whole amount of modern knowledge about the biosphere.

Petrov VV.jpg


Petrov Vladislav Vasilievich

Russian lawyer, doctor of legal sciences, professor, specialist in environmental, land law, and also on legal problems of agriculture, the founder of a new scientific field related to environmental and legal regulation of economic activity.



Cheshkov Marat Alexandrovich

Soviet and Russian scientist actively studied the relationship of global problems that he studied in methodological and scientific aspects.



Moiseev Nikita Nikolaevich

Soviet and Russian scientist, mathematician, specialist in systems theory, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences; President of the Russian National Committee for Assistance to the United Nations Environment Program, founder and leader of a number of scientific schools; author of 35 monographs, 10 study guides and more than 300 scientific and popular science articles.



Bestuzhev-Lada Igor Vasilievich

Soviet and Russian scientist, historian, specialist in the field of social forecasting and global studies. Honored Scientist of the RSFSR. Winner of the gold medal of N. D. Kondratyev  in 2001 "For outstanding contribution to the development of social sciences."



Kapitsa Sergey Petrovich

Soviet and Russian doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, chief researcher at the Institute of Physical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Club of Rome, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, etc.



Girusov Eduard Vladimirovich

Soviet and Russian scientist, Doctor of Philosophy, the founder of a new scientific discipline - social ecology, founder and president of the Ecological Fund of the USSR. In recent years, he taught courses on social ecology and environmental issues at the Faculty of Global Processes of the MV Lomonosov Moscow State University. Member of the editorial board of the journal "Century of Globalization" since 2008



Khozin Grigory Sergeevich

Soviet and Russian scientist, doctor of historical sciences, professor, founder and head of the Center for Global Problems of the Institute of Actual International Problems of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1994–2001).



Budyko Mikhail Ivanovich

Soviet and Russian geophysicist, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, one of the brightest and most respected climatologists of the twentieth century. Currently, almost any climatology textbook contains more than one reference to the work of this outstanding scientist. Together with his teacher A.A. Grigoryev was engaged in research on climatic zonality and classification of climates.


1928– 2003

Gvishiani Jermen Mikhailovich

Soviet and Russian scientist - academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1979), specialist in management, statesman - deputy chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the USSR (1965–1985). One of the first representatives of the USSR (Russia) in the Club of Rome.



Yanshin Alexander Leonidovich

Russian scientist in the field of stratigraphy, tectonics, lithology, geography, ecology; science organizer. Academician (1958) and Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1982–1988).



Panarin Alexander Sergeevich

Soviet and Russian philosopher, political scientist, publicist and public figure, Doctor of Philosophy, professor, head of the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosova, Director of the Center for Social and Philosophical Research, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.



Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Eduardovich

Prominent Russian thinker, founder of astronautics, inventor, one of the most prominent representatives of Russian cosmism, creator of space philosophy. Tsiolkovsky’s cosmic philosophy is an original worldview system that includes metaphysics, ethics and social philosophy, which are elaborated in detail, including forecasts of the emergence of global problems of technogenic civilization and ways to solve them.