KAPITSA, Sergei Petrovich (b. February 14, 1928, Cambridge, UK) – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor of the Moscow Physical- Technical Institute, Senior Researcher of Institute for Physical Problems Russian Academy of Sciences, a member of the Club of Rome, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; honorary senior vice-president of non-governmental organization Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio.

Kapitsa’s scientific works have been in the field of supersonic aerodynamics, terrestrial magnetism, particle accelerators, applied electromagnetics, synchrotron radiation, and nuclear physics. As the leading presenter of the TV program Incredible, but True, as well as chief editor and a member of the editorial boards of several scientific and popular publications, Kapitsa has examined the status of science as one of the leading driving forces of modern civilization, a positive factor in negotiating global contradictions of world development. From the 1990s he has focused on the study of the global population issue, applying methods of theoretical physics and synergetics. He is the author of a phenomenological mathematical model of hyperbolic growth of world population.

Works: The General Theory of Human Population Growth: How Many People Lived, Lives and Will Live on Earth (Moscow, 1999); “On the Acceleration of Historical Time,” Modern and Contemporary History 6 (Moscow, 2004); “Asymptotic Methods and their Strange Interpretation,” Social Sciences and Modernity 2 (Moscow, 2005); Demographic Revolution and Russia (Moscow, 2007); Para- doxes of Growth: The Laws of Human Development (Moscow, 2010).