The Russian Society for Global Research (ROGIS) brings together representatives from more than 50 regions of the Russian Federation. Its purpose is the scientific assistance to the federal and regional studies of global processes. ROGIS is the successor of the traditions of the great Russian scientist, naturalist, an outstanding specialist in the field of strategic planning of socio-economic development and statesman V.I. Vernadsky.

On June 6, 2019, the first meeting of the Russian Society for Global Research was held, under which the following decisions were taken:

1. Offer to become the President of ROGIS Sadovnichyu V.A. - Victor Antonovich agreed

2. To elect to the Presidium of ROGIS - Ilina I.V. (Moscow), Kefeli I.F. (St. Petersburg), Starostina A.M. (Rostov-on-Don), Liseeva I.K. (Moscow), Chumakov A.N. (Moscow), Grinina L.E. (Volgograd), Ilina N.I. (Moscow), Ursula A.D. (Moscow), Gracheva V.A. (Moscow).

3. To elect the Chairman of the Presidium - I.V.

4. To elect the Executive Directorate in the number of - Bilyugi SE, Gabdullina RR, Golineya V.A.

5. To elect Gabdullin R.R. as Executive Director.

6. To elect the Executive Secretary - Golinea V.A.

7. Elect ROZIS - Aleshkovsky I.A. as Auditor.

8. To take as a basis the existing draft of the ROGIS Charter with the submission to it of proposals voiced at the Meeting.


The main proposals for the work of the ROGIS:


1. Use of the site https://www.globalistika.ru/ as the main platform for ROGIS. Creating a separate section on current events in society.

2. Creating a unified register of conferences and events in the regions. Publication of this list on the site https://www.globalistika.ru/ in order to familiarize members of society with upcoming events in advance for possible participation.

3. Creation of a general list of publication activities in the regions (possible journals of regional offices, in which members of the society can be printed). Publication of this list in the section "Journals" on the site https://www.globalistika.ru/.

4. Proposal for the creation and maintenance of a quarterly / annual bulletin on the activities of the ROGIS. Publication of this newsletter on https://www.globalistika.ru/.

5. Coordination of activities at the interregional level through participation in conferences of neighboring regions. Proposal for the holding of meetings ROGIS in different regions of the Russian Federation in order to “familiarize” the participants and the executive directorate with the regions.

6. Possible creation of study programs at the level of bachelor / master studies, postgraduate education programs using the existing training modules of the faculty of global processes.

7. Possible cooperation in the creation of research centers through the network of UNESCO Chairs.

8. Possible cooperation in the framework of the Vernadsky scientific and educational consortium.

9. Discussion of the symbols of society (we are waiting for the proposal), certificates of members of the society.

10. Completion of the charter of the Company.