REIMERS, Nikolai Fedorovich (b. April 6, 1931; d. 1993) – Russian environmentalist, scholar and lexicographer, doctor of biology, Professor at the Lomonosov MSU, an active participant in reserve studies in the USSR.

Reimers was one of the first to attempt to collect and combine, based on the ideas of V.I. Vernadsky, all current knowledge about the biosphere. Systematized numerous terms and concepts in this field gave a new interpretation to many of them and introduced a number of new ones (e.g. demecology – the ecology of small groups, population ecology, global ecology or ecospherology).

He was the author and co-author of a number of encyclopedic dictionaries of ecology. From the beginning of the 1960s Reimers actively worked on the theory and practice of the organization of reserve studies. From 1966 he was the Deputy Director of the Oka-Terrace Reserve; from 1968 to 1969 he worked in the Directorate for Nature Protection, Reserves, and Hunting of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USS.R. From the problems of autecology and population ecology Reimers subsequently moved to the study of theoretical ecology problems, ecological economics (bio-economy), and human ecology.

He actively promoted and popularized science, conservation, the conservation business, and environmental management. In 1988 he became the first chairman of the Ecological Union of the USS.R.. From 1992 he was one of the organizers and the first dean of the Faculty of Ecology at MIEPU. From 1993, MIEPU has held an annual scientific reading in his honor. In his works, Reimers explained theories, laws, rules, principles, and hypotheses of ecology within the hierarchy of natural, social, and technical systems. He paid great attention to the socio-economic and other aspects of applied ecology, and above all to their role in the protection of nature and the rational use of natural resources. He tried to establish the interaction between natural, social, and technical sciences.

Works: ABC of Nature. Microencyclopaedia of Biosphere (Moscow, 1980); (ed. with A.V. Yablokov), Dictionary of Terms and Concepts Related to the Protection of Wildlife (Moscow, 1982); Basic Biological Concepts and Terms (Moscow, 1988); Nature Management: Reference Dictionary (Moscow, 1990); Greening. Introduction to Ecological Issues (Moscow, 1992); Hopes for the Survival of the Humanity. Conceptual Ecology (Moscow, 1992); Protection of Nature and Human Environment: Reference Dictionary (Moscow, 1992); Ecology. Theories, Laws, Rules, Principles and Hypotheses (Moscow, 1994); A Brief Dictionary of Biological Terms. Book for Teachers (Moscow, 1995, 2nd edn).