"Specify the meaning of words, and you will save humanity from half of delusions."

Rene Descartes

What is the "Global Studies"?

Global studies should not be understood as a separate or special scientific discipline, which in a variety arises, as a rule, as a result of the differentiation of scientific knowledge or at the junction of related disciplines.

The term "Global Studies"

Global Studies - an interdisciplinary field of research aimed at identifying the nature, trends and causes of globalization processes generated by its global challenges and explore ways of strengthening the positive and overcome the negative to both humans and the biosphere consequences of these processes.

The broad meaning of the term

In a broader sense, the term is used to denote the totality of scientific, philosophical, cultural and applied research of various aspects of globalization and global problems, including the results of such studies, as well as practical activities for their implementation in the economic, social and political spheres, as at the level of individual states and internationally.

About Global Studies

It is born opposite - integration processes characteristic of modern science, and represents a field of research and knowledge, where various scientific disciplines and philosophy, mostly in close cooperation with each other, each from the standpoint of its subject and method, analyze all sorts of aspects of globalization, offer solutions to global problems, considering them both in isolation from each other, and as an integrated system.

A. N. Chumakov believes that global studies integrates science and practice in order to adequately understand and solve problems in the modern world, he emphasizes that the object and conceptual apparatus of global studies is:

"... only to a certain extent (at the philosophical and methodological level) will be unified, otherwise it turns out to be" blurry "in the individual sciences involved in relevant research. And if we talk about the methods or goals of global studies, then, in addition to defining what then the basic approaches will have to enumerate not only the individual sciences and their contribution to the study of relevant problems, but also identifying how philosophy, culturology, politics, ideology are involved in global studies, which makes the solution of such a problem obviously impracticable. "

He speaks of the "foreign" and "Russian" components of global studies, and in the framework of the latter identifies several areas of research, in particular, philosophical-methodological, socio-natural, culturological".

According to A. N. Chumakov, the answer to the question "What was at the beginning - an egg or a chicken?" unequivocal: An egg first appeared, then a chicken. So the “globalization -> global problems” scheme is correct.

Globalization is a centuries-old natural history process; global problems - the natural result of this process.


Faculty of Global Processes

The FGP became the only high-grade platform in the country, on the basis of which the training of specialists in international affairs specializing in global research is carried out. The political, economic, sociocultural, environmental aspects of globalization, global problems and their regional manifestation, evolutionary globalistics, global history are just a small list of disciplines studied.