In search of a new paradigm and new civilization

On March 18-23, 2019 in Dubrovnik (Republic of Croatia), the events of the Club of Rome and the World Academy of Arts and Sciences were held, in which teachers of the Faculty of Global Processes of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov took part: A.T. Gasparishvili, prof. Yu.N. Sayamov and prof. A.N. Chumakov.

Activities included:

- Participation in a meeting of the Academy’s Governing Council for Strategic Planning, which discussed the goals and objectives of its work in 2019-2020 and the future until 2025, the project of the reliability of new knowledge, the project of new global leadership, program strategies and priorities, analysis of the situation in environmental sphere, the mission of the Academy in relation to ensuring global development oriented towards a human being and his needs;

- negotiations with the leadership of the Academy;

- participation in a joint scientific meeting of the Academy and the Club of Rome on the topic: “In Search of a New Paradigm for Civilization” and in the general discussion;

- Negotiations with the Academy and the Club of Rome on issues of cooperation, participation in the initiative of the Academy and the Emerging New Civilization Initiative (ENCI);

- Conducting informational conversations and negotiations with participating members of the Academy and the Club of Rome.


The FGP (FGS) delegation was invited to participate in the meeting of the Academy Governing Council as a courtesy, since usually only the members who make up the Academy’s leadership participate in the meetings of the Governing Council. The invitation of the delegation to participate in the meeting, which discussed the strategic issues of the Academy and its mission in the globalizing world, was a kind of sign of readiness for cooperation and openness in relations.

The emergence of the Academy dates back to the Russell-Einstein Manifesto, which initiated the movement of scientists, which included about 250 Nobel laureates.

The founding fathers of the Academy are Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell and one of the creators of the atomic bomb, who later opposed its use, Robert Oppenheimer. Currently, the Academy has about 750 full members (Fellow), and corresponding members (Associate Fellow) from 80 countries (see attached booklet). Outside of this list, there are categories of a junior member (Junior Fellow) and collaborating scientists, from among whom, over time, the membership of the Academy will replenish.

Most members of the Club of Rome are members of the Academy. Organizations work closely, have joint programs and projects.

After the next election and a change of leadership in the Club of Rome, since October 2018, both organizations have been jointly implementing the “Emerging New Civilization” project, which today is the main project of the Club. 

As a result of the 2018 election, the co-presidents of the Club, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker (Germany) and Anders Wijkman (Sweden), who sponsored the Come On Club anniversary report, resigned. For the first time in its history, two women became co-presidents of the Club: Mampela Rampel from South Africa and Sandrina Dixon-Deklev from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Development Leadership. In Dubrovnik, Club management was represented by Mampela Rampel. The leadership of the Academy was represented by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Harry Jacobs, who in 2017 participated in the Globalistics Congress at Moscow State University. In total, the list of participants in events in Dubrovnik covered more than 40 people, including 23 members of the Academy and 21 members of the Club, as well as several guests. In addition, there were employees of the University of Zagreb and the technical secretariat. The meetings were held at the University Center in Dubrovnik, which is the venue for many international scientific and educational events. During all four days, meetings were held from 9.30 to 18.00 with an hour break for lunch. The tight work schedule involved almost continuous participation in discussions. With regard to the delegation of the FGP, exceptional benevolence was shown, the floor was given to its members at all meetings, speeches were listened carefully and taken into account by the moderators when summing up the results. Representatives of the FGP(FGS) spoke on the work of the Academy and inclusion in its activities (Yu.N. Sayamov as a member of the Academy), on the depth and content of the necessary social changes (Yu.N. Sayamov, A.N. Chumakov), existing views on the world order ( Yu.N. Sayamov, A.N. Chumakov, A.T. Gasparishvili), tools and mechanisms of civilizational transformations (Yu.N. Sayamov, A.T. Gasparishvili), the emergence of a new civilization from the extreme state of modern civilization (A.N. .Chumakov).


Negotiations and information conversations were held with the members of the Academy and the Club of Rome participating in the events:


Harry Jacobs (USA) - the chief executive officer of the Academy (the main official, since the president of the Academy carries out his work on a voluntary basis), a member of the Club and his leadership, confirmed his interest in cooperation, actively supported the idea of ​​holding a scientific panel of the Club and the Academy in the framework of the Congress " Global Studies 2020 ”, expressed his readiness to come to the Forum in June 2019 and use this opportunity to discuss the project with the management of the Federal State Program.

Mampela Rampele (South Africa) - the co-chairman of the Club and its chief official, together with co-chairman Sandrina Dixon-Deklev, a member of the Academy, enthusiastically accepted the idea of ​​holding a scientific panel of the Club and the Academy within the framework of the Globalistics 2020 Congress, expressing readiness to participate in this event and develop cooperation.

Carlos Alvarez-Pereira (Spain) - member of the Executive Committee and Treasurer of the Club, member of the Academy, supported the project of a joint event in Moscow, which, in his opinion, could have the character of a “Round Table” or a symposium within the framework of the Congress with the invitation of the authors of the 2018 anniversary report Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker and Anders Wiikmann Club, together with the theses of the new report on global partnership and transformations Nora Bateson (Sweden) and Petra Kinkel (Germany), who are preparing the theses.

Nebojša Nesković (Serbia) - General Secretary of the Academy, advocated holding a panel, for joint cooperation and asked to participate in the World Education Congress in Belgrade in November this year.


Information conversations were held:

- with members of the Club and Academy Nora Bateson (Sweden), Stefan Brunnhuber (Germany), Momir Durovich (Montenegro), Erich Hödle (Austria), Yehuda Kahane (Israel);

- with members of the Academy Zbigniew Bochniyarj (Poland), Frank Dixon (USA), Fadwo El Gundl (Qatar), Rodolfo Fiorini (Italy), Thomas Reuter (Australia), Tibor Tot (Hungary), Donato Kinniger-Passilli (Switzerland), Ted Trzhina (USA), Marcel Van de Voorde (Belgium), Vukovic-Neskovich (Serbia), Alberto Zucconi (Italy);

- with Club members Lena Rachel Anderson (Denmark), Thomas Bjorkman (Sweden), Ilan Shabai (USA), Michael Dorsi (USA), Yoshitsugu Hayashi (Japan), Obiora Francis Ike (Nigeria), Christina Manzano (Spain), Vala Ragnarsdottir (Iceland), Jinfeng Jou (China).

           All interlocutors, without exception, welcomed the presence of the FGP delegation at the Academy and Club events, supported the holding of joint events, in particular the panels within the framework of the “Global Studies 2020” congress, expressed their suggestions. It seems that proposals to participate in further activities of the Club and the Academy, to establish cooperation with UN structures dealing with global problems and research, to include global partnerships and emerging civilization in global education for development programs deserve attention.

Based on the results of participation in the events, it seems advisable to continue cooperation with the World Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Club of Rome, to invite Harry Jacobs to the Forum 2019 as a representative of the Academy and Club management to prepare the panel at the Globalistics 2020 Congress as a joint event, if possible, take part in subsequent events of the Academy and the Club, including projects and programs of interest to the FGP and MSU.


Assoc. A.T. Gasparishvili

Prof. Yu.N. Sayamov

Prof. A.N. Chumakov